//You spend how much?!?!?!!!!!

You spend how much?!?!?!!!!!

FUN FACT: Today’s beauty lover spends between $22,300 and $300,000 in a lifetime on cosmetics and beauty products. (cost range found from various sites when searching amount the average woman spends on makeup in a lifetime worldwide)

To break it down, a woman living to the age of 80 who starts using beauty products at the age of 15 will spend between $343 an $4,615 a year. According to www.statista.com the amount the average consumer spends on cosmetics has been, and will continue to climb.

There are many variables for the drastic difference from low to high end of that range. 
– Women range from self-proclaimed makeup addicts to the occasional wearer of a product or two.
– Some women follow trends & purchase accordingly while others stick to only their tried and true favorites.
– Geographical location has an affect on amount and cost of beauty product consumption as does age.
– You might be a teenager!

On average, today’s teen spends more on makeup and beauty products than their mothers. Teens tend to have more disposable income, are on trend with up and coming brands, and are strong followers of social media trend setters. The teen of today is no different than teens of years past in that they will use style to both fit in and stand out from the crowd.

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